Kitsap ​Dry Kiln


Download our informational brochures that describe issues surrounding drying of wood and how we do things at Kitsap Dry Kiln

Drying Grades

We offer drying, heat treatment and pitch setting services to wood workers, sawyers and hobbyists.

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Live Edge Slabs

Why we recommend that customers air-dry their live edge slabs to less than 25% MC before kiln drying.

Drying Defects

Defects are often not observed in green lumber are first noted after drying, are often called “drying defects”.

Calculating Volume

When we quote and bill for our services, we base cost on kiln volume, or "board feet".  Learn how we do it.

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Species List

We have a lot of experience drying many different species of wood.  Over Time we've learned a lot.

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Drying Cost

Learn about our pricing and volume discounts.  We offer preferred pricing to sawyers too.

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Our Kilns

See details and specifications of our custom wood dry kilns and the maximum length and width of the loads we dry.

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Scheduling Loads

Our kilns have been operational and booked constantly since 2019.  Learn how to get on our schedule.

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Common Questions

We have many of the same questions that we answer all the time.  Here we have listed the most common Q&As.