Kitsap ​Dry Kiln

About Kitsap Dry Kiln

For sawyers and customers seeking quality kiln drying for their green lumber and live edge slabs, Kitsap Dry Kiln offers its expertise and valued kiln drying services. 

Customers from all over Washington State who use Kitsap Dry Kiln, have kept our kilns running continuously since 2019.  No job is too small or too large, we've had jobs ranging from a single carved cane to more than 8000 board feet of 5/4 lumber.  

You may have formerly known us as NORTHWEST SAW & DRY KILN, providing mobile sawmill and dry kiln services in Kitsap and Jefferson counties. Today, we have narrowed our focus to dry kiln operations as our time is best spent providing wood drying services to customers and fellow-sawyers.  In doing so, we've changed our name to reflect this new focus.

Kitsap Dry Kiln is owned and operated by Dean Lofall, a life-long resident of Poulsbo, Washington and great-grandson of pioneer families who settled in the area and co-founded the city of Poulsbo, and created the Lofall community in the late 1800's and early 1900's.

 Learn About Our Kilns

We love photos.  Here is a collection of photos that represent what we do: