Kitsap ​Dry Kiln

Kiln Drying Cost

We do not publish our price list on our website, we prefer to have you contact us for current pricing.  We certainly don't want you to make incorrect assumptions as to how much drying your load of wood will cost you.  Our current prices range from $0.59 to $1.21 per board foot for 1" to 2" lumber, where Western Red Cedar is the lowest price and Oak being the highest price.  Price varies depending on the time of year, cost of fuel/electricity and the kiln demands, and is subject to change without notice so please use this as only a guide.  

Customer Volume Discounts

> 1000 and < 2000 board feet – 5% discount
> 2000 and < 4000 board feet – 10% discount
> 4000 board feet – 15% discount
Sawyer's Discounts - CALL

Do you have Portable Saw Mill or SAW MILL Business?

Additionally, if you are a SAWYER and you are looking to offer excellent kiln drying services to your own customers, please contact us and we will make a compelling proposal where you can obtain our services at a DISCOUNT though our partner program.  This program allows you to charge your customers the same fees as we would, while realizing added profit for your business.  Also, with our ability to pickup and drop off loads from your business location, we can make this added profit stream "effortless" on your part.   

Contact us today to get your proposal and learn about the service we offer our SAW MILL partners!