Kitsap ​Dry Kiln

Scheduling your load

What you need to know about getting on our schedule

Our typical backlog

It seems that our typical backlog runs about 3 weeks.  However during the Spring and Fall months, there are more people having their trees milled and backlogs can be longer. We have no problem mixing loads to most efficently keep the flow moving as well as possible.  We will communicate the backlog with you and keep you posted as to when your turn comes  up .   Once customers commit with a load and a date they'll be bringing the load to us, we will hold their spot in the backlog line.

Plan Ahead

We typically like to have your wood the week before (or more) so we can get your wood sticker-stacked and ready to load onto the kiln carts.  As well, please be flexible on the exact day you load comes out, as if the Moisture Content target has not been met, we will hold it in the kiln longer.  And with our kiln being outdoors, we will not unload the kiln if we are having rain.

How Long Should Drying Take?

Wood drying time depends on the species / wood density.  As a point of reference, here are some typical drying times for Douglas Fir from green to  less than 10% moisture content:

1" lumber - 7-10 days
2" lumber - 10 days to 2 weeks
4" lumber - 3 to 4 weeks
4" slabs - 4 to 5 weeks

Softer woods (like Cedar) can take less time, hardwoods of course can take a bit longer.