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Kitsap Dry Kiln and Milling can produce dimensional lumber, beams and slabs from your logs.   We provide saw mill services to our DRY KILN CUSTOMERS located in central and north Kitsap and east Jefferson counties in Washington state (see our sawmill service area map below).

Our modern hydraulic sawmill that can produce hundreds of board feet of lumber per hour and minimize wood loss thanks to its thin-kerf band saw blade design and accurate computerized saw-head controls.  Our mill can handle logs up to 32" in diameter and 20' long.  
We have many years experience sawing lumber, beams, siding, live-edge slabs, D-logs, landscaping timbers, flooring, and more.  

As we saw your lumber, we load it on our flatbed trailer and haul it to our kiln.  This makes it very easy and convenient for you as you don't need to handle or transport your green lumber.  Once your lumber has been dried, you can pickup your load at our location, or we can deliver it to you (or the millhouse at Edensaw woods) for a small fee.  

Contact us and we will arrange a visit to your location, where we meet with you and have look at your site and logs.  We make sure there is adequate room for our 25' long saw mill and room to move logs around with our tractor.  We answer your questions.  In addition, we measure all of your logs to determine the lumber volume of your job.  We then provide you a written estimate of cost.  We charge a fixed price by the board foot, and generally our lumber board feet estimates are pretty close.

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Saw Mill Estimates & Terms

Our Service Area

We provide portable sawmill services to our kiln customers in central & north Kitsap and east Jefferson counties in Washington State*.

*If you are outside of our service area, we can refer you to other sawyers who do excellent work!